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The Creature | Davide Benetti 3D Artist
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The Creature

“A short show reel of – The Creature -, a model inspired from a Michael Sanchez Artwork, it has been sculpted, textured and animated by Eric Ribe Character Artist ( https://erc3d.wordpress.com/acerca-de/ ). Direction, Lighting, composing and rendering by Davide Benetti 3D Artist ( https://davidebenetti3d.com/ ). Why so serious?

I tried to achieve the best result using the rule of three lights and creating wet flesh material could emphasize the dirt form of the monster. After different proofs i created the right reflection map and i add a displacement map. The maps are 2K resolution with a 32Bit data support in order to achieve the best render quality.

Animation, Characters, Modelling, Rendering, Videogame
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