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Bogged Down | Davide Benetti 3D Artist
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Tales of Unconventional Hero !

Bogged Down

Unreal Engine 4

The Rookies

(Ex Autodesk CG Students Award)



Bogged Down was created by a group of eleven students (9 C.G. Artists and 2 Sound Designers) as part of our degree at the “Istituto Europeo di Design” (IED – Milano – Italy).

We’ve been working on it for 13 weeks and we’re still working on it, to improve it and refine it.

It’s a first person puzzle-adventure game for Oculus rift, designed to enhance the possibilities of this new technology and to give the player maximum immersion in the world we created, giving him the chance to “really” experience things like flying on a dragon or running through collapsing tunnels. Set in modern days, in an alternate reality where fantastic creatures actually exist and are forced to live in slums by the dominating race, the humans.

Humphrey, our hero, is an underrated Boggart who dreams of gaining powers and respect. To accomplish that he will have to overcome overwhelming obstacles, run from out of shape dragons, meet unique characters like Sir Grumpis drake, the Builder Pirate Dwarf, or Don Trust, the talking puppet who runs the city mob, and discover his true capabilities in a race against time and odds.

Will you be able to help Humphrey reaching his dream? Your story is yet to be written…”







Environment & Lighting



Pre Production


Environment, Modelling, Real Time, Videogame
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