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Demo Reel 2019



I was born in the northern region of Tuscany in 1993. Being surrounded by beautiful nature, architecture, sculptures, figures, flavours, and colours, I have been inspired by my country since I was very young. Italy is responsible for making me who I am today, thus being influenced by such beautiful surroundings, I now want to reproduce all those beautiful and meaningful things into energy to express dynamism. By realizing this dream, If possible I would like to even recreate this word, dynamism, from now and for many years to come.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned in the 3d industry, is to try to get the best product out to my clients, because people will only respect quality. I can only provide this by continuing to improve myself and my set of skills, to do the best job that I can order to be satisfied of my creations. I consider myself very responsible, hardworking, and dedicated to my work. Furthermore and most important, I’m very adaptive and humble to receive different critics or reviews, as it is a major part of the learning process. Learning new tools or techniques will never be a problem for me. Everything new to me I embrace it, face it as a new challenge, and try to capture it and reuse it later on in future work.

Davide Benetti.


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